Smiley SMRT bus captain draws praise for both his friendly service and 'cool' pilot's cap

Bus captain Krishnanraw.
Bus captain Krishnanraw.PHOTO: SMRT/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - Ever seen "Uncle" Krishnanraw, the smiley SMRT bus captain who sports a spiffy pilot's cap?

No stranger to social media fame, he's featured in a new SMRT video on Facebook, reading out a compliment from one of his passengers.

"He's stationed at Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange and I'm sure some of you would remember seeing him around, because of his very iconic pilot cap!" SMRT said in the post on Tuesday evening (June 14).

The video has been shared more than 150 times, and viewed more than 9,000 times as of 11am on Wednesday (June 15).

Other bus captains and staff have also been featured in videos on SMRT's Facebook page for notable acts or good service, most recently one who moved a large tree branch out of the road.

It is hardly the first time that a passenger has appreciated Mr Krishnanraw's service however. In January last year, SMRT said that it had received a number of compliments for the bus captain, whose permanent service is currently bus service 913.

"Mr Krishnanraw takes immense pride in his job and never fails to greet every passenger who boards his bus. The next time you see him, be sure to say 'Hi'!" it said then.

Others shared their experiences with Mr Krishnanraw in the comments of the latest video.

"Your greetings and smile really make my day a wonderful one indeed. Keep smiling captain!" wrote Facebook user Teo Kee Whee.

Another commenter, Saffy Greenfreak, said: "Yes such a role model! Also enjoy taking bus ride with him. Humble and friendly always."

Mr Krishnanraw said that he was given his popular pilot's cap as a birthday present from a friend. He was shy at first, he said, but his friend forced him to wear it.

"Then I wear, people like it, that's why I also happy," he said, adding that aunties tell him that he is "cool" when they see the cap.

"Children also want to take photo with me," he added.

He has worked at SMRT for about 20 years and also mentors new bus captains.

The compliment that Mr Krishnanraw reads out in the video was posted by Yew Hui Chia on SMRT's Facebook page on May 29.

It said that Mr Krishnanraw's "smile and warm greeting had enligthen the day of countless of passenger (sic)".

The bus captain puts a smile on and brings laughter to everyone on board, it continued. "Can feel that he is enjoying his duty as a driver and working with passion."

"Thank you very much! I like it," replied a beaming Mr Krishnanraw, adding that he was very happy.