Singapore’s Best Law Firms 2023: Methodology explained

The Singapore's Best Law Firms 2023 lists were drawn up based on  recommendations from lawyers, in-house lawyers and clients in a survey covering 18 different fields of law.

Survey and sample

Statista researched company websites and other publicly available sources to identify the list of participants for the survey. Invitations were sent via e-mail with a personalised link that could be used only once. In addition, lawyers and clients could participate in the survey via an open link that was announced and made available online on The Straits Times website. The Singapore Corporate Counsel Association(SCCA), which represents in-house lawyers, also invited its members to take part in the survey. In both cases, the participants had to provide a personalised company e-mail address for validation purposes, before their answers were included in the evaluation.

The online survey was conducted between June 7 and Aug 5, 2022, and drew a total of 6,178 participants. Statista recorded more than 12,000 recommendations for the law firms covering the 18 legal fields. Self-recommendations (recommendations from one's own, associated or allied law firm) were not allowed and were therefore not included in the evaluation. The participants were also asked to answer some optional editorial questions aimed at seeking updated insights into aspects of the legal sector in Singapore. These questions were varied, one set being for lawyers and the other for in-house lawyers and clients.

The top lists of the law firms were created in an elaborate process - this does not imply a quality assessment with any claim to objectivity or completeness. 


For every field, the total number of recommendations was tallied and analysed. Based on the results the country's best law firms for the various fields were identified and ranked according to their number of recommendations received. Further checks were made on the websites of these law firms and recorded. A total of 100 law firms received 308 awards. The lists of these top law firms in the various fields were created after an elaborate process involving due diligence. However, while all attempts have been made to be objective, the lists do not claim to be  exhaustive in coverage and criteria used.

The list of Singapore's Best Law Firms 2023 can be accessed here.

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