Singaporean devours 4kg of chicken rice in under 30 minutes for eating competition

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Mr Zermatt Neo's chicken rice portion consisted of 10 servings of rice and a whole chicken. PHOTOS: FOOD LEAGUE SINGAPORE/FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE
The specially prepared dish weighed close to 4kg. PHOTO: FOOD LEAGUE SINGAPORE/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - A Singaporean man's stomach-churning feat of devouring a huge plate of chicken rice has been making the rounds on social media.

Competitive eater Mr Zermatt Neo polished off the hefty near-4kg portion, which consisted of 10 servings of rice and a whole chicken, in slightly over 29 minutes.

Photos of Mr Neo, 27, undertaking the challenge at a coffee shop in Bukit Batok last Wednesday (Jan 27) afternoon were uploaded onto the Facebook page of Food League Singapore, which specialises in organising eating competitions.

The post has since garnered nearly 5,000 shares, while a follow-up post sharing the location of the chicken rice stall which specially prepared the dish for Mr Neo, racked up over 2,000 shares.

Local humour site SGAG also shared a photo of Mr Neo attempting his challenge.

Mr Neo, a personal trainer, first made the news in 2013 when he emerged runner-up in a ramen eating competition organised by ramen specialists Ramen Champion.

He slurped down 11 bowls of tonkotsu ramen in 20 minutes, finishing behind Japanese celebrity competitive eater Tomoko Miyake, who managed 20 bowls.

Since then, Mr Neo has been active on YouTube, where he regularly documents his eating exploits.

His YouTube channel is filled with videos of him wolfing down massive portions of food such as an XXL pepperoni pizza, 150 sticks of satay, 100 gyozas and 50 chicken wings.

The challenges often see him finishing the food in under 15 minutes.

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A notable video challenge, which has over 370,000 views, involved him taking on a 10,000-calorie "upsized version of the KFC bundle meal", consisting of 20 pieces of fried chicken, eight cups of whipped potato, 24 chicken nuggets, 12 egg tarts and a 1.5-litre bottle of soft drink.

Another saw Mr Neo finishing 2kg worth of curry rice in just three minutes.

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