Singapore to host its first maritime heritage exhibition

SINGAPORE - This year's Singapore Maritime Week will include the first-ever exhibition on the country's maritime heritage.

To be held at the Marina Bay Sands Events Plaza from April 19 to 24, the exhibition will trace the evolution of Singapore from a small trading post to a global hub port and international maritime centre.

Visitors can view archeological finds, learn about people behind the scenes such as quay crane operators and sea captains and catch a glimpse of the Next Generation Port at Tuas.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is also collaborating with National Geographic on a documentary and coffee table photo book on Singapore's maritime sector. Both be released later this year.

The public will also be able to take tours to places such as Raffles Lighthouse and participate in maritime trails and educational races.

The MPA's chief executive Andrew Tan said: "The maritime sector is often seen as out of sight, out of mind. It's a challenge not only faced in Singapore but many other parts of the world where you are also trying to attract young, bright people to join the maritime sector."

A maritime sector career briefing will be held as part of the biennial Sea Asia conference and exhibition for 200 junior college, polytechnic and university students.

"This will give the young people a chance to ask questions and have a detailed impression of the various aspects of the maritime business," said Mr David Chin, executive director of the Singapore Maritime Foundation.

Now in its tenth year, the Singapore Maritime Week spans 30 events including trade conferences, lectures and public events. It is expected to draw 22,000 trade delegates and 32,000 public participants.

The week will also boast an inaugural Port Authorities Roundtable, at which port authorities from around the world will discuss maritime challenges and ideas, as well as a new leadership programme for senior maritime leaders.