Singapore recorded highest temperature in 10 years on Wednesday at 36.7 deg C: NEA

Singapore's highest temperature in 10 years was recorded at 36.7 deg C in Seletar on April 13. ST PHOTO: ALPHONSUS CHERN

SINGAPORE - A searing 36.7 deg C was recorded in Seletar on Wednesday (April 13), the hottest temperature seen in Singapore in 10 years.

Singapore experienced significantly warmer conditions in the first two weeks of April, when the highest daily maximum temperature ranged between 34.1 and 36.7 deg C.

The latter was recorded at Seletar, and is the highest daily maximum temperature recorded so far this year and also the highest in the last ten years, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said on Friday in a press release.

As of April 14, the mean monthly temperature for the month was 29.4 deg C, which is 1.4 deg C warmer than is usual for April.

The unusually warm conditions are expected to persist for the rest of April, even as inter-monsoon conditions have set in and are forecast to persist for the rest of April and into May. Light and variable winds are typically seen in this period.

While more rain is expected, the daily maximum temperature could reach a high of up to 36 deg C on a few days, NEA said.

On most days, it may range from 33 to 35 deg C.

Short thundery showers are expected in the afternoon on five to seven days.

Pre-dawn rain and "gusty winds" caused by a Sumatra squall may visit on one or two days, NEA said.

The rainfall for April is expected to be near average, after two months of dry weather.

In the first half of April, rainfall was below average. The highest rainfall of 126mm was recorded around Jurong. Rainfall was lowest around Admiralty, where 20mm - 82 per cent below average - was recorded.

Additional reporting by Melissa Lin

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