Singapore-Malaysia border travel: What are the safety measures

All travellers must have documentation to show that the authorities of the visiting country had approved the trip.
All travellers must have documentation to show that the authorities of the visiting country had approved the trip.ST PHOTO: GAVIN FOO

Applications for cross-border travel between Singapore and Malaysia for long-term pass holders and travellers on essential business and official visits will start on Aug 10.

But those travelling under the two schemes meant for short-and long-term visits would have to abide by strict precautionary measures before, during and after their visits. Here is a look at the measures at a glance:


  • Obtain approval for the trip from the authorities of the destination country through applications made by employers, companies or government agencies.
  • Be tested for Covid-19 upon arrival.


  • This scheme is meant for longer-term visitors who are willing to remain in the destination country for at least 90 days for work.
  • Individuals are not allowed to apply for entry to Singapore under this scheme. Employers must submit the application on behalf of their employees.
  • Those arriving in Singapore under this scheme must serve a stay-home notice (SHN) of at least seven days, and will be tested for Covid-19 towards the end of their SHN.
  • The employee or his employer will bear the cost of the Covid-19 swab test and the SHN stay.


  • This scheme is meant for shorter visits of up to 14 days for essential business and official travel.
  • Travellers must be hosted by a company or a government agency in the destination country, which will file for an approval letter on the visitor's behalf. Those entering Singapore must have a valid SafeTravel Pass, while those visiting Malaysia must have a MyTravelPass.
  • Travellers must undergo a Covid-19 test at accredited laboratories within 72 hours before departure and obtain a certificate showing a negative test result.
  • Travellers must undergo another Covid-19 PCR test upon arrival at the destination country.
  • Travellers will not be allowed to take public transport in the host country for the duration of the visit, except for private-hire cars, taxis or company transport.

Correction note: This article has been edited for clarity.