Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah reveals his future bride: 10 things about Sheena Akbal

SINGAPORE - Singapore Idol winner Taufik Batisah has finally revealed his wife-to-be's identity.

The 33-year-old singer had been keeping the identity of his 30-year-old future bride, Sheena Akbal, under wraps even as he announced on March 7 that he was getting married in April. At the time, he said that he wanted to protect her privacy.

But on Tuesday, he posted a photo of himself and Ms Akbal together on his Facebook and Instagram accounts and gave a reason for posting it.

"I've always been private about my personal life...but these few days I have been asked by so many friends & media about who my other half is," he wrote.

Endearingly, he called her #mrsawakkatmane, after his hit song "Awak kat mane" (Where Are You) that was inspired by a hashtag by his fans on Instagram.

Here are 10 things about the Singaporean woman who broke many hearts by snagging Taufik's heart.


1. Cute girl

Akbal looked like the kind of child who only had to smile to get a candy, or two, or maybe three.

2. Production manager

She is currently working as a production manager at Game On!, a company that produces a fictitious crime drama in which participants get to go round Singapore collecting clues from in-character actors to solve the crime. Some of her duties include managing actors, marketing and managing audience.

3. Songs she likes

In 2012, at the age of 28, she was working as a freelance events executive. And these were the songs she was listening to:

Skinny Love by Birdy

Losing Your Memory by Ryan Star

Rabbit Hole by The Temper Trap

Y U Mad by By Birdman Feat Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne

Still In Love (Kissing You) by Beyonce Knowles

4. She loves to pin

Like many other brides-to-be, she has a Pinterest board that is dedicated to all things wedding. If her Pinterest account is anything to go by, she is very organised, with a total of 18 boards that include topics like food, style and make-up, and oh yes, cats.


5. She loves cats

Cats must be her favourite, because she thinks her husband-to-be looks like one. She posted this animation on her Pinterest account a year ago, and tagged him saying: "This is how you look after you say something silly."



6. Her birthday is coming

According to her LinkedIn profile, she will turn 31 on March 27. Any surprises for her that we will get to know, Taufik?

7. Fine arts student

She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (2nd Class Hons), in Arts Management from the Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts in 2008.

8. She loves challenges

On her LinkedIn account, she describes herself as "a person constantly seeking challenges and growth".

"I'd like to know how to help and know how I can be helped, I think a working environment should be a two-way street to achieve objectives and goals," she said.

9. She worked on music events

She has worked on music events as a freelance events executive, and as she says on her LinkedIn profile, she is "always looking for possibilities in music events, concerts, festivals and gigs".

She has worked on music events like Womad Singapore, Laneway Festival and Starcount. She has also been a private tutor before.

10. Social media

She doesn't go by her name on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. But if her handle means anything, she has a bit of "crazee" in her.

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