Singapore Airlines giving away free tickets? It's a phishing scam, SIA warns

Singapore Airlines began receiving reports of such scams from Thursday (Aug 24). PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM SINGAPOREAIR.COM

SINGAPORE - If you have received an e-mail telling you that Singapore Airlines is giving away free tickets for its 70th anniversary, be on your guard.

Scammers have been phishing for users' personal data this way since Thursday (Aug 24), an SIA spokesman told The Straits Times on Saturday.

"We have had a couple of members of the public informing us of this e-mail scam since Thursday," said the spokesman. "We explained that the message is not from Singapore Airlines and that the public should ignore it."

SIA posted an advisory on its website and on its social media platforms on Friday, warning customers about the scam.

Scammers make phone calls or send e-mails to victims, claiming to be from SIA. They tell the victims that they have been selected for a draw or have won air tickets, and then proceed to request their personal data.

"To appear more authentic, such callers are also able to modify their caller ID to imitate our official telephone numbers," SIA said on its website.

SIA advised customers to exercise discretion when revealing personal data to unverified sources.

"These messages, websites, emails and calls should be verified if in doubt," it said.

SIA also advised customers to be cautious of social media posts and phishing websites that appear similar to its official website.

Those interested in the real promotions for its 70th anniversary are advised to check its website at or its official social media channels, SIA told ST.

Those with questions may contact SIA here.

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