Radicalised maid reported by employer: How to spot signs of radicalisation

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) says that when a person adopts extreme political, religious or social views, they could be radicalised over time and may even want to engage in terrorist activities.

Possible signs of radicalisation include:

1. Expressing the belief that violence is justified

2. Idolising, showing support or sympathising with terrorists and their causes

3. Trying to influence others to support terrorism and/or participate in terrorist activity

4. Displaying insignia or symbols in support of terrorist groups

Family, friends and those in close proximity are often the first to notice these behavioural changes.

MHA says that family and friends should try their best to counsel such persons, and they should not hesitate to alert the authorities if they are unable to rein them in.

"By reporting them to the authorities early, you could help them get proper guidance and counselling so that they can be steered away from the path of radicalisation.

"They may not need to be severely dealt with under the law," added MHA.

If you know or suspect that a person is radicalised, you should call the ISD Counter-Terrorism Centre hotline at 1800-2626-473.

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