Share exclusive ST stories with family and friends

Read an exclusive interview or special report in The Straits Times and wish you could share it with your family and friends?

ST subscribers can do that now, with a new "gift an article" feature on the ST website.

The feature allows subscribers to share content exclusive to them with as many people as they wish.

Those who receive the "gift links" can read subscriber-only articles shared with them, even if they have not signed up for an ST subscription.

To share exclusive content on the website, subscribers have to log in and click on the gift icon at the top of the article, and follow a few simple steps. Recipients will be sent a "gift link" to read the story.

There is no limit to the number of articles a subscriber can share.

This feature, which was developed in response to feedback from subscribers, allows more readers to sample original and exclusive work produced by the ST newsroom.

"Our subscribers have told us they would like to share with their families and friends ST articles they enjoy reading. With the recent revamp, there is even more fresh and interesting content in print and on our digital platforms," said ST digital editor Ong Hwee Hwee.

"This new feature will allow more readers to sample the best of ST's work."

There are plans to allow users to share articles with non-subscribers on the ST app as well.

The new feature was introduced as part of a revamp of ST's print and digital products, to mark its 175th anniversary this year.

In October, the flagship newspaper took on a new look with fresh content, including the Invest and Smart Parenting sections.

The ST website and app also underwent a redesign, with a focus on multimedia content and a better reading experience for users.

Straits Times subscribers who want to share ST articles with family and friends can now do that with the ST website’s new “gift an article” feature. After clicking on the gift icon (left) at the top of a story, they can send a “gift link” (right) to their recipients. ST DIGITAL PHOTOS

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on December 19, 2020, with the headline 'Share exclusive ST stories with family and friends'. Subscribe