Serving the people through positive change


Chua Eng Leong, 44

Occupation: Executive director at Standard Chartered Private Bank

Family: Married to a housewife, 44. They have two sons, aged nine and 14

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of San Francisco

Hobbies: Playing and watching soccer

Why politics?

Politics is really service to the nation. I think being able to make changes, positive changes, is the main thing I want to do. I make it a point to meet more residents outside my Meet-the-People Sessions. For those who can't come down, I go to their homes.

Why you?

I bring to the table sincerity... wanting to serve. The passion to serve is very much a higher calling. I take this lesson from my late father (former Cabinet minister Chua Sian Chin). I want to fulfil his wish that his children give back to society and the community. This is the best way to pay tribute to him.

What issues will you focus on?

I have a soft spot for youth, being a young parent myself. More help can be given to such parents. And with both husband and wife working, who looks after aged parents? We need more eldercare facilities.

I'd like to do this in Eunos, but I'm constrained by space. If we win, I'll be able to get more space and serve residents better by providing such facilities.

Favourite spot in Singapore?

Petal Garden in Eunos. In the morning, the elderly do qigong; in the evening, kids and teenagers come for sports. It pulls the Eunos community together.

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