Security officer saves time, energy - and gets a promotion - with new tech skills

Senior security supervisor Kenny Ng, 52, was one of 103 awardees at the Security Officers' Day Awards Ceremony on July 18, 2018. ST PHOTO: ALVIN HO

SINGAPORE - A year ago, 52-year-old senior security supervisor Kenny Ng traded in his daily tools of pen and paper for a computer.

The implementation of technology in patrolling and incident management has helped Mr Ng and the officers under him to save time and energy while on the job.

Mr Ng, who is with KH Security, no longer has to run after cars to copy down number plates or file incident reports manually. These used to be part and parcel of daily work at the residential site that he works at.

"Now it's simple, the vehicle plate recognition camera does the job. It makes our job easier as we can monitor from the control centre," said Mr Ng, who was one of 103 awardees at the Security Officers' Day Awards Ceremony on Wednesday (July 18).

The award celebrates outstanding officers who have performed exemplarily in their duties.

Mr Ng, who has been in the industry for more than a decade, received the Job Redesign Award, which recognises officers who have actively adapted technology on the job.

"(Using) technology makes our job easier, it also adds more value and challenge to the job. I find it interesting," said Mr Ng.

The officers under him used to do at least three or four patrols during each 12-hour shift. Now, they do just one or two, with the help of closed-circuit television cameras and the mobile patrol and incident management system at the site.

Through the technologies, Mr Ng can also monitor the perimeter remotely and dispatch patrols efficiently to ensure better security service.

The guest of honour at the awards ceremony, Second Minister for Home Affairs Josephine Teo, highlighted Mr Ng as a prime example of how technology has improved the jobs of those in the security industry.

"Technology has given Mr Ng confidence and greater job satisfaction, and helped his team deliver better security to his clients," said Mrs Teo at the ceremony, which was held at NTUC Centre in Marina Boulevard.

When Mr Ng first heard that he would have to pick up computer skills to utilise the technologies his employer was rolling out a year ago, he was apprehensive and thought it would be too complex.

"Of course I was worried, I had my fears. But after learning it, I came to love it, it made my job more interesting and challenging. I realised that if you made the effort, you would be able to learn it."

Since picking up the new skills, Mr Ng has also received a pay increase, and will be promoted in October to chief security officer.

When asked how he felt to have upgraded his skills and career, Mr Ng quipped: "I'm proud to be standing in front of my kids, because I'm better than them now."

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