Singapore schools to open in phases from June 2 after Covid-19 circuit breaker: How this will work

All schools will continue with the safety measures that have been further tightened since late January. PHOTO: MINISTRY OF EDUCATION

SINGAPORE - Students will return to school from June 2 over two phases as part of the easing of the coronavirus circuit breaker measures that are expected to end on June 1.

Here are some of the adjustments planned for schools and pre-schools that the Government announced on Tuesday (May 19).

1. Phase 1 of resuming school: First few weeks from June 2

For primary and secondary schools:

- Primary 6, Secondary 4 and Secondary 5 students will attend school on weekdays.

- The rest of the upper levels (Primary 4 and 5, or Secondary 3) will alternate weekly with the lower levels (Primary 1, 2, and 3, or Secondary 1 and 2) to be back in school for one week, then switch to home-based learning the next week.

For junior colleges (JCs) and Millennia Institute (MI):

- Up to half of the students will return to school. JCs and MI will prioritise JC2 and Pre-University 3 students, with some rotation of students from the other levels.

For special education (Sped) schools:

- Students' return will be staggered from June 2. All students will be back in school by June 8.

For institutes of higher learning (IHLs):

- Polytechnic students will return primarily for practical and laboratory sessions. Lessons and tutorials will remain online.

- Institute of Technical Education students will rotate weekly between online and on-campus lessons. They will return primarily for practical and lab sessions.

- Students from the Singapore Institute of Technology and Singapore University of Technology and Design will continue having lectures and tutorials online. They will return primarily for practical and lab sessions, including capstone and final-year projects.

- The other autonomous universities will be having their vacation.

For pre-schools:

- Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 children may return from June 2.

- Nursery 1 and Nursery 2 children may return from June 8.

- Infant care and playgroup children may return from June 10.

- Early intervention centres to reopen in phases from June 2, starting with in-person intervention for children with higher needs.


2. Phase 2 of resuming school: In a few weeks' time, with broader national easing

- All students to return to school on weekdays after Phase 1.

3. Safety measures for schools

- Screening at controlled entrances and staggered entry and dismissal times.

- Assemblies to be held in classrooms.

Entry and dismissal times will be staggered. PHOTO: MINISTRY OF EDUCATION

- Teachers and students to wear masks or face shields in school, except when eating or when involved in activities such as exercise workouts.

- Daily temperature-taking.

- Fixed exam-style seating arrangements.

- Wipe-down routine after each lesson.

- Equipment is not to be shared among students during physical education lessons. Equipment will also be wiped down before being returned.

Teachers and students to wear masks or face shields in school, except when eating or when involved in activities such as exercise workouts. PHOTO: MINISTRY OF EDUCATION

- Safe distancing measures in the canteen and staggered recess times.

- Good hygiene practices to be implemented, like reminding students to remove and re-wear masks before and after meals.

- Frequent cleaning of common areas and surfaces people often touch, like railings and door handles.

- Students will play in designated areas in their class with safe management measures, like washing hands after play, to minimise mingling of students.

4. Safety measures for pre-schools

- Masks or face shields to be used by all staff and children aged two years and older.

- Smaller groups for activities in each class, with no mixing between the groups.

- Sharing of materials among children to be avoided as far as possible, and key equipment such as seats and cots to be designated to a child.

5. Student care arrangements to resume from June 2

- School-based student care centres and KCare will resume for all levels in primary schools and MOE kindergartens from June 2.

- Parents who cannot make alternative arrangements for their children during home-based learning days can approach their children's primary schools or Sped school for help.

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