SCDF investigating video of 'wrecked' dorm

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is investigating after a video posted online showed an SCDF dormitory in a state of disarray.

Colonel Abdul Razak, director of the Public Affairs department, told reporters on Tuesday that the SCDF takes the matter very seriously and will "leave no stone unturned".

"We are as perturbed as the online viewers and members of public on this incident," he said. "We will investigate and update you on the outcome."

Stressing that this was an isolated incident, Col Abdul Razak said: "This does not reflect the culture, discipline, decorum and conduct of SCDF officers."

The one-minute clip, which was uploaded onto Facebook by a user named Han Din on Monday afternoon, showed a group of SCDF personnel in a room with toppled bedframes and cupboards.

Cupboards, bedframes, mattresses and other items were also strewn at a corner of the room.

One SCDF personnel could be seen pouring liquid from a drink packet onto the floor, before flinging the packet into the mess.

Shortly after, another personnel, dressed in a black T-shirt and brown shorts, picked up an ironing board and flung it on the floor.

Some were even smoking in the dormitory, which is an offence.

"It's the last day, man, look at the dorm. It's a ruckus, it's a ruckus - the dorm is in a ruckus, man," the person filming the dormitory can be heard saying.

The video has since been taken down from Facebook.

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