SBS Transit bus driver loses way, calls for help

Screenshot from a Facebook video posted by one of the passengers.
Screenshot from a Facebook video posted by one of the passengers.PHOTO: KELVIN LIM/FACEBOOK

SINGAPORE - At least 15 commuters were left stranded on an SBS Transit bus after the driver stopped near a junction to make a phone call for directions.

Bus passenger Kelvin Lim on Nov 22 posted a Facebook video of the incident showing passengers advising the driver, while he called for help on his mobile phone.

The driver, who was speaking in Mandarin, appeared unsure if he should go straight or turn left at the junction. Some passengers could be heard telling him which way to go, while others complained that he should just let them alight.

The video has been shared over 3,000 times.

Mr Lim posted a second video of the incident on Thursday, in which he said the driver eventually insisted on going the wrong way, leading to many passengers having to walk back to the correct bus stop.

When asked about the incident, senior vice-president of corporate communications for SBS Transit Tammy Tan said, "We are investigating the incident and will take appropriate action against the driver."