Sanitary plumbers to require licences under new licensing scheme from April 2018: PUB

A table outlining the regulatory revisions in PUB's new Licensed Plumbers scheme.
A table outlining the regulatory revisions in PUB's new Licensed Plumbers scheme. PHOTO: PUB

SINGAPORE - Sanitary plumbers will need to be licensed under PUB's revised licensing scheme, which will take effect from April 1 next year.

The national water agency said in a media release on Monday (April 24) that the revised scheme, called the Licensed Plumber (LP) scheme, expands on its existing Licensed Water Service Plumber (LWSP) scheme.

Under the LWSP scheme, licensing is only mandatory for water service plumbers.

Water service plumbers carry out installation and repair works on water pipes, tanks, taps and fitting that convey water supplied by PUB in buildings.

Sanitary plumbers, on the other hand, install and repair sanitary appliances, pipes and sanitary drain lines which convey used water from buildings to public sewers.

The new LP scheme, which places the local plumbing industry under PUB's authority, is aimed at enhancing standards in the industry.

Under this scheme, both water service and sanitary plumbers will operate under a common licence. They will need to be competent in carrying out both types of plumbing work.

"Plumbing is a fundamental part of maintaining the consumer end of water supply and used water collection. Water and sanitary pipes in buildings and homes must be built properly with competent knowledge in both water service and sanitary plumbing to maintain public health standards," said PUB's deputy chief executive (operations) Tan Yok Gin.

"This is why we are expanding the licensing framework to include sanitary plumbers - to better ensure the quality of works carried out by them and to better protect consumer interests."

To qualify for a LP licence, plumbers will need to complete the Building and Construction Authority's Builder Certificate course in plumbing and pipe-fitting (or equivalent qualifications).

They will also need to attend PUB's sanitary and/or water service plumbing course and pass an assessment.

PUB estimated that about 260 plumbers currently licensed under the LWSP scheme, who also hold the Singapore Plumbing Society's (SPS) registration certificate for sanitary plumbers, will automatically qualify for the new LP licence.

Another estimated 600 LWSPs and 22 SPS-registered sanitary plumbers who do not possess the full set of required qualifications will be give up to Sept 30 next year to obtain them. They can continue to offer their services up to the date while undergoing training.

From Oct 1, 2018, it is an offence for anyone to carry out water service or sanitary plumbing works without a valid LP licence.

Consumers and developers can refer to the PUB website from April 1 next year for a full list of LPs available for hire, as well as a list of water service and sanitary works which must be carried out by a LP.