SAF training exercise at F1 Pit Building next week

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) will conduct a military training exercise at the F1 Pit Building in Marina Bay from next Monday.

In its weekly news release on military and live firing activities, the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) said yesterday that the exercise from noon on Monday to 8am on Tuesday will involve ground and aerial elements.

Training ammunition will be used.

"To ensure public safety and to prevent public alarm, the area will be cordoned off to the public. The public is advised not to be alarmed and to keep clear of the area," said Mindef.

Stakeholders in the immediate vicinity of the F1 Pit Building have been informed of the exercise and advised to stay clear of the area during the period, it said.

Aerial activities such as kite-flying, hoisting of captive balloons and flying of unmanned aircraft such as drones will not be allowed within a temporary restricted area from 3pm to 10pm on Monday.

The temporary restricted area covers a portion of the Marina Bay area next to the F1 Pit Building and extends to the Marina Barrage, more than 1km away.

The SAF will be conducting military exercises next week in various locations, including Mandai, Neo Tiew, Ama Keng and Pasir Ris. Blanks and thunderflashes will be used, said Mindef.

Lim Min Zhang

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