Road closures and security arrangements around Marina Bay for New Year countdown

SINGAPORE - With large crowds expected around Marina Bay during the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2016 on New Year's Eve, the police have announced security and traffic arrangements for the area.

Police officers, auxiliary police officers and security officers will be deployed both for security and for crowd and traffic control. Bags and personal items may be subjected to security checks.

"If you come across any suspicious items or persons, immediately notify the nearest Police officers or Auxiliary Police officers," the police said in a media release on Wednesday evening (Dec 23).


To prevent overcrowding, the number of people entering these areas will be regulated: The Promontory, One Fullerton/Merlion Park, Esplanade Park, Esplanade Waterfront Promenade, Marina Bay Sands Promenade and other areas within the vicinity of Marina Bay. MRT trains may also bypass affected stations to alleviate congestion, it said.

Members of the public will not be allowed to congregate at the footways along the Esplanade Bridge and Bayfront Avenue along Helix Bridge, the police added. The areas will be used for transit only.

Meanwhile, the footway along Benjamin Sheares Bridge will be closed to pedestrians from 6pm on Dec 31 to 1am on Jan 1.

Errant motorists who park at peripheral roads and stop their vehicles along the East Coast Parkway to watch the New Year fireworks - acts which are prohibited - will face enforcement action, the police said. Parked vehicles causing obstructions will be towed.

The festivities will also cause several roads to be closed to all vehicular traffic during specific periods.

  Roads and lanes affected Period of closure
1 Extreme left lane of Raffles Avenue (between Temasek Avenue and Esplanade Drive) From 6pm to 11.30pm on Dec 31 and from 1.30am to 2am on Jan 1
2 Extreme left lane of Fullerton Road in the direction of Collyer Quay
3 Extreme left lane of Collyer Quay in the direction of Raffles Quay
4 Extreme left lane of Marina Boulevard in the direction of Bayfront Avenue (between Raffles Quay and Bayfront Avenue) From 9pm to 10pm on Dec 31
and from 1am to 2am on Jan 1
5 Marina Boulevard From 10pm 
on Dec 31 to 1am 
on Jan 1
6 Extreme left lane of Marina Way in the direction of Marina Boulevard
7 Raffles Avenue (between Temasek Avenue and Esplanade Drive) From 11.30pm 
on Dec 31 to 1.30am 
on Jan 1
8 2 right lanes of Raffles Boulevard in the direction of Raffles Avenue (between LP 22F and Raffles Avenue)
9 Esplanade Drive
10 Fullerton Road
11 Collyer Quay
12 Bayfront Avenue (between Raffles Avenue and lamp post 34F)
13 The carriageway of Temasek Avenue in the direction of Temasek Boulevard
14 Raffles Link
15 Connaught Drive
16 Fullerton Square
17 Battery Road
18 Flint Street
19 Bonham Street
20 D’Almeida Street
21 Malacca Street
22 De Souza Street
23 Extreme left lane of Finlayson Green

Additionally, traffic direction on the carriageway of Temasek Avenue, in the direction of Bayfront Avenue (between Raffles Boulevard and Raffles Avenue), will be reversed from 11.30pm on Dec 31 to 1.30am on Jan 1.

Members of the public can contact the event hotline on 6828-8377 or go to the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2016 website at for any inquiries, the police said.