Residents in second Zika cluster taking anti-mozzie precautions

Thermal fogging notice by NEA at Hendry Close, the 2nd zika cluster for 2017.
Thermal fogging notice by NEA at Hendry Close, the 2nd zika cluster for 2017.ST PHOTO: PRISCILLA GOY

SINGAPORE - With a second Zika cluster confirmed along Flower Road/Hendry Close on Thursday (April 6), residents living in the area say they have been taking extra precautions.

Mr Yeo Kwang Sen, 85, a Hendry Close resident said that he was worried about the new Zika case near to his home.

The retired stationery wholesaler said that he has been taking steps to keep mozzies at bay such as using mosquito repellent, and keeping stagnant water from collecting by overturning pails.And Ms Thant Thant Oo, a 40-year-old domestic helper also living in Hendry Close said that the authorities have been fogging the area and conducting regular checks to spot signs of mosquito breeding.

The new cluster is the second discovered in a fortnight. It is near Simon Place where, last week, the authorities said two people from the same household had contracted the mosquito-borne disease, forming this year's first cluster.

Two cases of Zika have been confirmed in the latest cluster and the National Environment Agency (NEA) has been scheduling checks and doing thermal fogging. The authorities have also been giving out mosquito repellent to residents.

Others who live in the vicinity are taking the news in their stride.

Mr George Tan, aged 70, who is unemployed, said that he is not worried at all.

"Prevention is done everyday as I do not leave stagnant water around and I always overturn my pails and watering cans," he said.

The NEA has urged people living there to continue to remain vigilant and destroy any mosquito-breeding habitats they find.

"There could still be asymptomatic or mild, undiagnosed cases, which might result in further transmission of the virus if there are mosquitoes in the vicinity," said the statement.