Rat activity detected in food shop and ceiling in Waterway Point; enforcement taken: NEA

Rat activity was uncovered in a food shop and a ceiling above a common area of Punggol Waterway Point.
Rat activity was uncovered in a food shop and a ceiling above a common area of Punggol Waterway Point.PHOTO: LIANHE WANBAO

SINGAPORE - Inspections by the National Environment Agency (NEA) at Punggol's Waterway Point after a rat was seen there last Wednesday (March 23) have uncovered some signs of rat activity in a food shop and ceiling above a common area of the mall.

The NEA said in a statement on Monday (March 28) that it has taken enforcement action against mall management and the food shop to ensure that they step up measures to address the rat situation.

A diner complained last week that a rat had fallen from the ceiling above her while she was waiting for her meal at The Coffee House in the new shopping mall. The feedback by Facebook user Rita Lim was the first such report the NEA received since the mall opened in January.

The mall's management has since intensified pest control treatment for the building and asked its tenants to do likewise.


Said a spokesman from Frasers Centrepoint Malls: "There are no further sightings of rats in the mall."

It added that it has sealed up potential entry points at the perimeters of the mall, which it manages, and false ceilings where necessary.

It said that it is also working with NEA and its tenants to review waste management and pest control measures for areas of improvement.

NEA said it has inspected 33 licensed food shops out of the total of 85 within Waterway Point, as well as common areas, since the day after the incident (March 24).

These inspections were carried out at night when rats are most active.

Inspections also revealed that eight food shops had hygiene lapses, although no rats or rat activity were detected there.

NEA will also be taking enforcement against the eight foodshops for the hygiene lapses observed, it added.

The mall management and foodshop operators have been advised to ensure proper food storage, housekeeping, waste management and to seal up potential rat entry points at the false ceilings.