Rain, rain, go away: Supermoon comes out to the delight of photographers

SINGAPORE - After rain and cloudy skies obscured the supermoon on Monday (Nov 14) night, the elusive full moon finally emerged the day after, to the delight of photographers and enthusiasts. 

While the supermoon on Tuesday (Nov 15) night was not as close to the Earth as it was a day earlier at its peak, photos shared on social media - by professional and amateur photographers alike - prove it was well worth the wait. 

Unhindered by poor weather, photographers whipped out their equipment to capture the moon, which still appeared to be bigger and brighter than normal. 

On Facebook, photographer Darren Soh said he "figured it was still worth a shot" and looked for the time and coordinates of the moon rise.

The photo, which was taken at Bendemeer, shows a red-tinged full moon against a foreground of Housing and Development Board flats. 

"The apparent movement of the moon was so great I could see it moving in my camera's viewfinder and a 5 minute window was all I go before it went back into the clouds," he said in the post. 

Here are more photos of the supermoon, as seen on social media: