Python found on MRT track: Other wild sightings in unexpected places

A small shark found on a New York subway train in 2013.
A small shark found on a New York subway train in 2013.PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/BRANDONMSANCH

A reticulated python was found on the MRT train tracks at the Ulu Pandan depot on Friday (May 5) night.

In Singapore, pythons have been found in swimming pools, storm drains, construction sites and even under the hoods of cars.

Native wildlife inevitably wander into urban areas in heavily built-up Singapore - as the case of a lone monkey that entered homes in Segar Road showed.

Pangolins have ventured into the universities, and a crocodile was found in a fish farm last year.

Here are five more instances of wild animals in unexpected places:

1. Elephant lifts train track barrier in India

This lucky Asian elephant broke a major traffic rule, but luckily did not meet an oncoming train.

The incident, caught on video and reported in February, happened in India's Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, National Geographic said.

The young pachyderm even gently lowers the barrier after crossing.

2. Ducks in downtown Singapore

Lesser whistling ducks explored the city, venturing to the National Gallery Singapore and Marina Bay area in January.

The lesser whistling duck has been sighted at Gardens by the Bay in recent years.

3. Crocodile goes for walk in the park in Florida

A monster crocodile - possibly 3.7m long - was filmed walking across a Florida park in January.

The massive American alligator nonchalantly padded across a footpath at the Polk County Discovery Center's reserves.

They are not that unusual in the Sunshine State, where another huge croc was filmed at a golf course in Palmetto in March 2015.


4. Shark found dead in New York subway

How did a small, dead shark end up on a train in New York? The photo first surfaced on NYU student Brandon Sanchez's Instagram feed in August 2013.

This was what happened according to the New York Post:

The dead dogfish shark washed up on the beach and a group of young people ran off with it.

A plumber then found it lying next to a roller coaster and took it for a ride on the subway.

He said he left the shark in public as he "wanted people to see what a beautiful animal it is."

5. Roadrunners in Malaysia, Singapore and more

A sloth wandered out of the jungle but could not adapt to life in the fast lane in Ecuador. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/TRANSIT COMMISSION OF ECUADOR

Last year, an ostrich, a horse and a pig were seen galloping on Malaysian roads. In Singapore, wild boars have been known to dash across the expressway.

Cutest of all - a little sloth that lost its way on an Ecuadorian highway was saved and released back to the wild.