Police investigating video showing men in SCDF uniform having sex

SINGAPORE - The police are investigating a sex video involving two young men in Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) uniform.

The link to the video was posted in the forum of website sammyboy.com at 4.58am on Wednesday (Sept 28).

It is not known when or where the video was taken, and the men could not be identified. One man's face is out of the frame, while the other man's is pixellated.

One was wearing an SCDF uniform.

SCDF said it has reported the film to the police.

"SCDF takes a serious view of the matter and has lodged a police report," SCDF said in a statement on Wednesday.

"The police are investigating the matter for an offence under the Films Act."

It is an offence to make, reproduce or distribute an "obscene film" under section 29 of the Act.

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