Photos of women posing nude in public places surface online

SINGAPORE - Photos of two women posing naked separately around Singapore have surfaced online recently.

Members of the public alerted citizen journalism website Stomp to the photos which were being circulated on forums and social media.

One woman posed fully naked at carparks and in the middle of the road in photos submitted last week by a Stomp contributor known only as "Papasmurf".

She was seen wearing only a Santa Claus hat in one of the photos.

In another set of photos published on Stomp on Sunday, a woman with long hair poses naked at a HDB void deck, and topless at what looks like an MRT station.

She is also photographed at Hort Park, right beside the sign to the park at Hyderabad Road.

The photos were submitted by another Stomp contributor known only as GorillaBrother. He said: "Another local exhibitionist has started to show up in public areas, following in the footsteps of previous exhibitionists seen before in the Stomp article."

In response to questions about the photos, a police spokesman said: "Anyone with more information may wish to come forward to lodge a police report via the Electronic Police Centre at or at any Neighbourhood Police Centre/Post so that we can look into the matter."