Pet shop owner charged over breaching licensing conditions after puppy died of virus

SINGAPORE- A 24-year-old man was charged in court on Wednesday (July 19) for six counts of breaching pet shop licensing conditions.

He also faced one count of failing to comply with written notice to be present for investigations, said the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) in a statement.

In March 2017, AVA was alerted to a case where a puppy purchased from Fatty Paws Pet Shop died of parvovirus - a highly contagious viral disease.

Investigations found that Aw Ying Liang, licensee of the shop, had breached several pet shop licensing conditions.

Aw also repeatedly failed to comply with written notices sent to his pet shop and home, which asked him to report to the investigation officer to give a statement, and could not be contacted.

In March, The Straits Times reported that Fatty Paws Pet Shop was being investigated by AVA over claims it sold a customer a sick puppy, which later died from canine parvovirus.

There were also online accusations made by customers claiming that the pet shop did not take proper care of its puppies.

For breaching AVA's pet shop licensing conditions, licensees are liable to a maximum fine of $5,000.

Individuals who, without reasonable excuse, refuse or fail to comply with an AVA written notice are liable to be fined up to $10,000 or jailed up to six months, or both.