Passers-by douse huge flames outside shop unit after air-con compressor catches fire in Redhill

SINGAPORE - Passers-by in Redhill rallied to put out a fire involving an air-conditioning compressor outside a ground floor shop unit on Wednesday night (June 27).

A video of their brave action was sent to citizen journalism website Stomp on Thursday.

It shows several men armed with a hose reel, dousing the angry flames.

A few small explosions could also be heard.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that it responded to a fire at Block 86 Redhill Close at 10.50pm.

SCDF said that the fire involved the compressor of an air-conditioning unit and it was extinguished by the public with a hose reel before SCDF's arrival.

There were no reported injuries.

A witness told Stomp that an employee from a nearby supermarket had tried to put out the blaze using a fire extinguisher but "the fire was just too big".

The witness added that about four passers-by stepped forward to help by using the hose reels from the second and third floors of a multi-storey car park nearby.

The fire was extinguished in about five minutes.