Parliament: Encourage growth of urban farming to secure Singapore's food supplies, says Ang Wei Neng

Mr Ang Wei Neng said farm plots around office buildings could also be for well-being. ST PHOTO: JOEL CHAN

SINGAPORE - Encouraging the growth of urban farming in Singapore can help to ensure the country's food supplies, said Mr Ang Wei Neng (Jurong GRC) on Monday (April 6).

Speaking in Parliament during the debate on the supplementary budget, Mr Ang said that the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted Singapore's vulnerability in the area of food security.

"The vulnerability of Singapore's food supplies has never been clearer. While we have always diversified our supply lines to obtain food from many different countries, Covid-19 is affecting every country," he said.

"And while I hope another Covid-19 will not happen for the next century, it would be wise for us to think of how to invest in home-grown food."

He noted that during the outbreak, individuals and businesses have had to make significant changes which may be uncomfortable and unprecedented.

However, he stressed that the need for swift and rapid changes can be viewed positively.

"We could encourage the growth of urban farming and the creation of farm plots around office buildings which staff can use to grow vegetables, not just for sustenance, but also well-being," said Mr Ang.

He said that it was something he observed on a recent trip to Israel.

"We have to put deep thought into making urban farming scalable and sustainable," he added.

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