Parents of Indonesian girl born with Apert syndrome seek medical help in Singapore

10-month-old Rizky Ramadhani was born with the rare Apert Syndrom. PHOTOS: GIVE.ASIA

SINGAPORE - The parents of a 10-month-old Indonesian girl born with Apert syndrome is seeking medical help in Singapore.

Little Rizky Ramadhani, who was born in a hospital in Melaka, suffers from the rare genetic disorder that causes the premature fusion of certain skull bones.

The condition has caused Rizky's skull and face to be abnormally shaped. All her fingers and toes are fused together, causing her thumbs to be swollen and infected, according to a post on fund-raising website GIVEasia.

The post, titled "Help Baby Rizky Fight Apert Syndrome", is aiming to raise $55,000 for Rizky's surgery at KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

Almost $3,800 has been donated so far.

The surgery involves forehead advancement to give more room for Rizky's brain to grow normally, a procedure to help close her eyelids while she sleeps and the separation of her finger bones.

Rizky's eyes are slightly side-spaced and bulging due to the shape of her skull and sunken face, which has caused them to be dry and infected.

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She also had trouble breathing and had to have surgery done previously on her nose to insert an airway tube to help her breathe.

Rizky and her parents moved to Singapore in January.

Rizky's father, 42-year-old Eko, told Shin Min Daily News that his daughter was unable to move normally and can only make noises.

"When Rizky was born, my wife was very upset and often cried. But she is now bravely facing up to the reality of the situation," said the engineer.

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