SMU’s interdisciplinary curriculum equips students for a post-COVID world

Academic breadth and rigour, and unparalleled flexibility prepares students for change and uncertainty

Being nimble, forward-thinking and adaptable to change are key skills emphasised at SMU. PHOTO: SMU

No other recent event more urgently underscores the need for versatile graduates who can thrive amidst global change than the pandemic we are in.

Singapore Management University (SMU) offers an industry-relevant education that equips graduates with skill sets to adapt and succeed in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world that we live in now.

SMU is able to do this through its commitment to stay attuned to global changes, to keep abreast of the most innovative educational practices, and to adapt its cutting-edge curriculum to equip students for the challenges of a constantly changing world.

A first-of-its-kind, intellectual experience like no other

SMU's holistic undergraduate programme comprises an intellectually rigorous and forward-thinking curriculum, a pioneering interactive pedagogy, and a broad-based education designed to nurture graduates to make a meaningful impact in their careers and in society.

SMU students go on to become broadly educated individuals with a depth of knowledge across various domains, and key capabilities required to thrive in an unpredictable world.

The Core Curriculum is the cornerstone of the SMU academic experience. The trail-blazing interdisciplinary curriculum, pioneered by the university for the past 20 years, is available to all students.

Its three key pillars - Capabilities, Communities and Civilisations - develop specific competencies and skills, promote understanding of the economic, technological systems in our communities, and engage students in critical dialogue and problem solving.

Unlike other universities, all SMU classes are small, interactive seminars where all students get to speak up and contribute to become confident and effective communicators.

Students take on internships locally or overseas to gain industry experience, with many choosing to do it multiple times. They also gain global exposure to become culturally sensitive and contextually aware.

Furthermore, community service initiatives imbue them with compassion for others. Not surprisingly, SMU is the only university in Singapore that promises a completely transformational undergraduate education.

Students are equipped with the relevant skills to prepare them for the working world. PHOTO: SMU

An industry-relevant education that prepares world-ready graduates

SMU is continually innovating to broaden and deepen its curriculum to offer new and industry-relevant degrees and tracks.

New interdisciplinary offerings include Computer Science, Computing and Law, Financial Forensics, Digital Business, as well as Data, Design and Communications. Exciting Fast-Track Programmes and Work-Study Programmes to enhance the already broad and diverse course offerings are also available.

Other top-notch interdisciplinary offerings include Politics, Law and Economics, Health Economics and Management, Entrepreneurship, Accounting Data and Analytics, Sustainability and Communication Management.

SMU has recently identified three high impact growth areas: Sustainability, Digital Transformation and Growth in Asia. The growing importance of these disciplines are reflected in new course offerings which present unique opportunities and prospects for exciting, new careers for SMU graduates.

On top of that, students are taught by a distinguished faculty comprising professors who are at the forefront of their fields. These include those ranked among the top one to two per cent of scientists in the world, across multiple disciplines such as Artificial Intelligence and Econometrics*.
* Global study by Stanford University

With an abundance of choices, the educational journey can be customised to your career goals. PHOTO: SMU

The most flexible university curriculum in Singapore

SMU offers a plethora of choices and 100 per cent flexibility for students to customise their academic journey to suit their ambitions, circumstances and passions.

Every SMU undergraduate is guaranteed a second major, which they can choose from more than 300 different second major combinations across the entire university. All students also have a choice of contrasting or complementary majors; they may take their time before deciding on their second major, or choose not to take one.

There is also the option of pursuing a double degree, of which there are more than 20 combinations to choose from. A flexible work-study option exists for those who feel they would benefit by learning from selected top companies in key industries while studying full-time. Finally, students can choose to complete their studies in three, three-and-a-half or four years.

In the 2020 Joint Graduate Employment Survey commissioned by Singapore's autonomous universities, SMU's graduates commanded the highest mean starting salary among the four universities being surveyed, with 44 per cent of our graduates receiving two to six (or more) job offers, and six in 10 of our students securing employment before graduation.

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