Early admissions to poly from June 7 and ITE from May 27: What you need to know

The MOE will work closely with ITE and the polytechnics to ensure selection is conducted fairly and rigorously for all students. ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG

SINGAPORE - Those applying to polytechnics will be able to do so during an early admissions exercise from June 7, while applications to the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) through the exercise will open on May 27.

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions concerning the upcoming early admissions exercise.

Q: Why has the Ministry of Education (MOE) decided to conduct the early admissions exercise selection online rather than wait until the situation has stabilised so that face-to-face selections for all courses can be carried out?

A: Learning from the experience of online early admissions exercise selection last year, the polytechnics and ITE are well prepared to conduct the selection through electronic means this year for most courses. The MOE will work closely with ITE and the polytechnics to ensure selection is conducted fairly and rigorously for all students.

Q: How will the ITE and the polytechnics ensure the online selection is fair and rigorous?

A: Institutions have made the appropriate adjustments to their assessment rubrics and criteria to ensure that the online selection can be carried out seamlessly this year. They will also continue to document the early admissions exercise selection process, including recording interviews (where appropriate), and the evaluations made by the selection panels. The assessments will continue to be carried out objectively and rigorously in a fair and inclusive manner.

Q: How will the MOE and the institutions support students from disadvantaged backgrounds who might experience difficulties with the online selection process?

A: Following the experience of home-based learning, students are now more adept at using various online communication platforms and interacting online for interviews and assessments.

Nonetheless, the polytechnics and ITE will be ready to render additional support to applicants who face difficulties with the online selection process. Students who require additional support can also approach their schools for assistance.

For example, the online interviews and assessments may be conducted in school instead of at home, with IT equipment loaned from the school. School staff will also be present to provide technical support where necessary.

Q: If the Covid-19 situation improves, will ITE and the polytechnics allow an increased number of courses to hold their early admissions exercise selection on campus?

A: The MOE will monitor the Covid-19 situation closely and make the appropriate adjustments. It will ensure that applicants have enough time to prepare and adjust should there be further changes to the selection process.

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