Kranji Primary teachers go the extra mile to provide daily after-school programme

Kranji Primary year head Nur Fazalina Hussin (left) and senior school counsellor Roy Tan expanded a daily after-school programme for their students at the school. ST PHOTO: SYAMIL SAPARI

SINGAPORE - Two years ago, Kranji Primary year head Nur Fazalina Hussin and senior school counsellor Roy Tan started a weekly programme teaching "circus skills" to pupils who needed more help coming out of their shells.

When they saw the positive impact the after-school programme was having on their pupils, they and their team took it upon themselves to go the extra mile and make it a daily programme from January.

Now every day after school, seven teachers take turns to run the Out-Of-The-Box programme, where pupils take part in activities such as origami and balloon sculpting as well as sports.

They also help the roughly 15 pupils with their homework, and teach them life skills such as simple cooking and household chores like folding clothes.

Pupils from Primary 3 to 6 have been chosen who might benefit with greater academic or social support, said Madam Fazalina, who is year head for Primary 3 and 6.

After structured activities, pupils are given free time to play various games such as table football in a dedicated room known as The Cosy Cove, which the pupils helped decorate in pastel colours and illustrations.

The programme - which runs from about 2pm to 5pm daily - has helped pupils make friends and improve on their work, said Madam Fazalina, but to her, one of the biggest takeaways is how it helps to discover pupils' talents.

She said: "We had parents tell us, 'Wow, I didn't know my child could be so good at things like beatboxing or balloon sculpting'."

The school also gives these pupils the opportunity to show off their skills with performances.

Madam Fazalina said: "It really is a point of pride for us and them when they go up on stage and show everyone what they can do, and how much confidence it gives them."

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