Future of learning: How AI complements experienced teachers to deliver the full potential of e-learning

Geniebook’s proprietary education software allows for personalised worksheets, while its online classes and real-time social learning forum ensures no student is left behind

How does the future of e-learning look like? Geniebook is paving the way with advanced capabilities to help students learn better and smarter. PHOTO: GENIEBOOK

Parents and their school-going kids in Singapore and other parts of the world have become familiar with online learning following months of home-based learning (HBL), but lingering concerns remain on whether the learning process can be as effective when conducted virtually.

Are students truly engaged during virtual lessons? How can teachers motivate their students via online platforms? Would the students be able to cultivate critical thinking and a questioning mind in a virtual setting? Parents are asking these questions in private conversations and online forums.

Paying heed to these concerns, ed-tech company Geniebook has ramped up the capabilities on its online learning platform. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), it offers three learning products - GenieSmart, GenieClass and GenieAsk - for primary and secondary school students.

From personalised worksheets for targeted improvement, animated presentations and interactive demonstrations to a gamified rewards system, these features make up what Geniebook co-founder and chief executive officer Neo Zhizhong describes as "an unstoppable flywheel of improvement".

Geniebook's proprietary AI software, interactive online classes and dedicated teachers all make up "an unstoppable flywheel of improvement," according to chief executive officer Neo Zhizhong (pictured with chief operating officer and fellow co-founder Alicia Cheong). PHOTO: GENIEBOOK

While technology plays a critical role on the platform, Mr Neo says the company understands the irreplaceable importance of experienced teachers and proven learning pedagogies.

The team behind Geniebook realises the stressful demands of modern parenting. To help parents better support their kids in their learning journey, the platform has rolled out a Parent App that provides a real-time dashboard of the child's academic progress.

Alicia Cheong, its chief operating officer and co-founder, explains, "Parents can see a detailed breakdown of academic topics presented as sub-topics that details specific areas that need practice. There's also a progress feature within the app that charts their child's improvement over time."

With these insights, parents can assign worksheets, set completion dates and create revision plans to help their children achieve clear learning outcomes.

Geniebook's AI-personalised worksheets cover over 150,000 questions aligned with the latest Ministry of Education's syllabus. PHOTO: GENIEBOOK

GenieSmart: AI-personalised worksheets for targeted learning

By using AI to identify students' strengths and weaknesses, GenieSmart can help them master topics quickly. The learning tool works by running an algorithm to recognise the kinds of questions or topics that a student struggles with, then recommends more of such questions and topics in subsequent worksheets.

Such targeted learning saves time and is more effective.

"It's self-directed learning driven by technology," explains Mr Neo. "In fact, data analysis by our data science team shows that 90 per cent of our students improved after just eight worksheets."

The AI software is patented for education, with over 150,000 questions aligned with the latest Ministry of Education's syllabus.

"By attempting questions they find challenging and getting better at these topics over time, GenieSmart instils self-awareness and confidence in its students. These deliberate actions build up positive and sustainable learning habits that they can apply to other subjects," he adds.

Instant answers and explanations are provided, so parents out of touch with the latest school syllabus can leave the coaching to the experts.

The technology is also complemented by a human component - experienced teachers who mark open-ended questions and contribute feedback to the system for a better and nuanced assessment of every student's strengths and weaknesses.

With GenieClass' live and recorded online classes, screen time is purposeful yet fun. PHOTO: GENIEBOOK

GenieClass: bringing the physical classroom experience online

Although "face time" between teachers and students is still valued, what truly matters is having the right attitude towards learning, the desire to excel, and of course, the engagement factor. Without these, it can be difficult, even futile, to motivate a child in a face-to-face classroom setting.

With GenieClass, screen time is purposeful with an element of fun. This learning tool features live online classes led by experienced in-house teachers, many of whom graduated from notable universities and were former MOE teachers.

Missed a class? Students can catch up with recorded classes that can be viewed at their convenience.

Parents who are mindful about excessive screen time for their kids can take heart that each class lasts no more than 60 minutes, which is more than enough time to cover a given topic within the curriculum adequately.

Helmed by Geniebook's in-house teachers, the online classes feature compelling visual cues, learning narratives and animations to keep students engaged. PHOTO: GENIEBOOK

Geniebook's in-house teachers are trained to conduct online lessons, use digital tools to make classes interesting and help students better understand new concepts.

"Compared to static whiteboards that students are familiar with, we can do so much more on GenieClass through compelling visual cues and learning narratives, such as using animations showing the respiratory system in action for a Science class, or decimals bouncing back and forth in a Maths class about multiplication or division," says Mr Julius Koh, a Primary Mathematics teacher.

Got a question? GenieAsk is where students can chat with teachers and their peers in real-time as a new form of social learning. PHOTO: GENIEBOOK

GenieAsk: Real-time chat with teachers

The newest Geniebook product is GenieAsk, where social learning is promoted among communities of 50 students. This is done via virtual chats on Geniebook's online platform that are grouped according to different levels and subjects.

Accessible between 3pm and 9pm on weekdays, each chat is moderated by two teachers to ensure a safe space for students to ask questions, get study tips and participate in activities, as well as make sure the learning points are accurate and engaging.

"Students get personalised attention as we help them directly with their specific questions or any doubts they may have. Our weekly quizzes and activities keep them engaged in their learning too," says Mr Mohamed Faizal, a Primary English teacher.

Students are also welcome to help their peers solve problems and learn from one another, picking up social skills and proper online etiquette.

"When it comes to Maths, GenieAsk is a powerful way to reinforce learning, especially when students ask questions related to key concepts. They can discuss the approach to such questions and teachers can step in to guide their thought processes," adds Mr Kajendran, a Primary Mathematics teacher.

Education has changed dramatically, marked by a shift away from physical classroom settings due to the pandemic. With Geniebook, students can access a personalised education that marries the best of technology and learning pedagogies to learn better and smarter.

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