askST: If I can't get into the polytechnic course I want, can I appeal?

You can appeal for places in up to six polytechnic diploma and/or ITE Higher Nitec courses. PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - It is not the end of the world if you cannot get a place in your choice polytechnic or junior college with your O-level results. Senior education correspondent Sandra Davie explains the appeal process for a junior college place and options to switch poly courses.

Q. What happens if I am not successful in getting a place in the polytechnic course I applied for? Can I appeal? What if I want to get in by switching to another course?

A. Yes, you may submit an appeal from 9am on Jan 28 to 4pm on Feb 2 on the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) Online Appeal Portal.

You can appeal for places in up to six polytechnic diploma and/or Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Higher Nitec courses.

But there is still a need to meet the minimum entry requirement for the courses. The aggregate score also has to be equal to or better than that of the last student successfully posted into the course in the 2021 JAE.

The last aggregate scores for this year's JAE for the various courses will be made available from Jan 28.

Do consider the appeal carefully. If you have already been offered a place through the JAE, it will be automatically revoked if the appeal is successful.

If the appeal is unsuccessful, the original posting will be retained.

Q What if I change my mind and want to head to a polytechnic instead of a junior college? Can I make a change? Should I still report to the junior college and wait to see if my appeal is successful?

A. If you are posted to a junior college, accept your JAE posting first and report for classes.

This is because appeal outcomes are not guaranteed and are subject to merit and available places.

If the appeal for a polytechnic place is successful, you will need to inform the junior college of your intention to withdraw.

Q. How and when will I be notified of the results of the appeal?

A. The results of your appeal will be released at 9am on Feb 17. You will receive an e-mail and an SMS notification to log in to view your appeal outcome.

If you were not posted to any course during the JAE and there are no more vacancies in the courses you appealed for, you may be offered an alternative polytechnic diploma or ITE Higher Nitec course. Do consider this offer seriously as it will provide you with an additional option for post-secondary education.

Q. What happens if I am successful in the appeal? How do I accept my appeal offer?

A. If you are offered a place in a polytechnic course, you will receive instructions on how to complete your enrolment from the polytechnic by post or e-mail from next month to end-March.

If you are offered a place in a Higher Nitec course in ITE, you will need to log in to accept your offer. You will receive an e-mail from ITE with login instructions by Feb 17.

Q. What if my appeal is successful, but I change my mind again and want to accept the original offer?

A. Your original polytechnic or ITE Higher Nitec posting will be revoked automatically if your appeal is successful.

Q. What if I am posted to a course that is not of my choice?

A. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining a posting to any of your appeal choices and do not already have a prior JAE posting, the system will aim to post you to an alternative course which is similar to your first-choice course. This is subject to available vacancies and you meeting the course's minimum entry requirements.

Q. What if I fail to get into a junior college of my choice through the JAE ? Can I appeal?

A. To appeal for a place in a junior college or Millennia Institute, approach the school of your choice directly.

You must meet the cut-off point for admission to the college and course. Eligible appeals will be given due consideration, subject to available vacancies.

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