NTUC FairPrice 45th anniversary gift card message is a scam, supermarket chain warns

The new scam invites people to click on a link in a message claiming that FairPrice is giving away gift cards for its 45th anniversary. PHOTOS: FACEBOOK/NTUC FAIRPRICE

SINGAPORE - If you have a received a message telling you that FairPrice is giving away gift cards worth $400 each for its 45th anniversary, do not click on the link included.

It is a scam, the supermarket chain said in a note on its Facebook page on Tuesday (Jan 9).

A copy of the message that a Straits Times reader received via WhatsApp reads: "Fairprice celebrates its 45th anniversary and gives each gift cards worth 400SGD each! I have just received one from here: http:// fairprice. com /anniversary".

The scam was also being perpetuated via social media channels.

The supermarket chain said in an updated note on Tuesday that it was alerted to a new online survey scam hosted on multiple unofficial sites that impersonate FairPrice.

"Please be wary that this message was not created nor endorsed by us," said FairPrice on its Facebook page. "We advise customers to ignore the site and avoid sharing the link."

The supermarket chain's official site is www.fairprice.com.sg. The scam is an iteration of a previous one, which FairPrice warned customers about in November.

That scam offered $1,000 free FairPrice gift vouchers with an unverified link via WhatsApp.

Other versions of scams impersonating FairPrice date back to as early as January last year.

NTUC Fairprice Co-operative was founded by the labour movement in 1973.

The police on Tuesday night shared FairPrice's note on Facebook, asking the public to be on their guard against the scam.

"Beware of phishing websites that may look genuine and always be careful when you are asked to disclose your personal information or bank account details online," wrote the police.

They advised the public to visit www.scamalert.sg for more information on scams.

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