Next-gen weapon packs more punch

The next generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV), to be commissioned by the Singapore army by 2019, will be a key component of its mechanised forces.

It will replace the Ultra M113 Armoured Fighting Vehicle, a staple since the early 1970s.

To communicate with soldiers on the older version, troops had to shout, gesture or use voice communication systems.

The new vehicle will be connected to the Army Battle Internet, a network connecting all computer systems used by army forces.

The new vehicle will also provide enhanced firepower and protection with its higher-calibre gun, digital control system and laser rangefinder to pinpoint targets.

The new AFV also offers better protection.

In the Ultra M113, part of the vehicle commander's body was exposed. In the new AFV, he sits within the vehicle, which can hold between three and 11 people.

It weighs 29 tonnes, has a maximum speed of 70kmh and can travel 500km on a full tank of fuel.

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