New animated online course to teach workplace safety

SINGAPORE - An animated online course launched on Friday will help children learn more about safety and health.

The "Ken and Friends" animated course will get users to make decisions in scenarios such as crossing a road or tidying up a storeroom. The actions chosen will then lead to different outcomes which reinforce safety messages.

The new course is part of the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) council's campaign this year.

It is targeted at upper primary and lower secondary students, and is accessible to the public from the council's website.

Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin, said in his speech at the campaign's launch that it is important to develop the prevention mindset early.

"If our children can develop that mindset, I think they can begin to prevent injuries and ill health even before they start work," he said.

Mr Tan, who is also Minister for Social and Family Development, was speaking at Scape in Orchard Link. He also emphasised the importance of having a mindset that workplace safety is an individual responsibility.

"It starts with you and me as a caring employer, colleague, family member, doing what it takes to prevent injuries and be healthy," he added.

Accepting personal responsibility to prevent work injuries, he said, is one of the messages behind this year's National WSH Campaign.

Mr Tan also launched the "Vision Zero" movement. He said it is not just a vision to have zero workplace injuries - it is about having that vision embedded into the culture of an organisation.

This year's campaign will focus on getting all Singaporeans to adopt this "Vision Zero" mindset.

Said Mr Tan: "When we all come together to try and make sure that there are safer and healthier workplaces for all, you will begin naturally to see some of (the injury figures) fall."

The WSH Council will also set up roving exhibits throughout the year on occupational diseases and other workplace safety issues.

A "Vision Zero" songwriting competition will also be open to the public. Submissions open on September 1 and close on November 2.

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