Kranji error prompts review of agencies

Development works have been put on hold on a vegetated plot in Kranji, parts of which were cleared by mistake, as the authorities investigate how the error occurred. The incident has also prompted a review of how agencies work, both internally and with one another, said Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing.


Threat of lethal force fails to curb Myanmar protests

A clear threat from Myanmar's junta that it would use lethal force to quell anti-coup protests failed to deter demonstrators who gathered again in massive numbers across the country yesterday. The Foreign Ministry accused the United Nations and other governments of "flagrant interference" in the country's internal affairs.


China signals desire to reset US ties, sets terms

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi became the latest senior Chinese official to signal Beijing's desire to reset relations with Washington. But he also laid out conditions for cooperation, including a call for the US to lift its "unreasonable tariffs on Chinese goods" and its sanctions on Chinese firms.


Boeing calls for grounding of 128 of its B-777 planes

Boeing has called for the grounding of 128 of its B-777 planes across the world as United States regulators investigated a United Airlines flight whose engine caught fire and fell apart over a suburban American community. The US National Transportation Safety Board is also investigating the incident, in which no one was hurt.


Home Team Academy's chillers save $300k a year

Efforts to achieve sustainability goals for the public sector are getting a boost with the switch to chillers that could reduce global warming - something the Home Team Academy did two years ago. Its three new chillers brought about annual energy savings of about 1.5 million kWh and cost savings of about $300,000 a year.


Industry players helping Singapore go green

Industry players are helping Singapore fulfil its ambition to cut carbon emissions, such as by calling on innovators to come up with sustainability solutions and setting up incubation labs to help develop start-ups with an eco-friendly bent. Temasek and CapitaLand are at the forefront of the campaign.

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