Muis releases e-books answering commonly asked questions on fasting

SINGAPORE - Can diabetics receive insulin jabs while fasting during Ramadan? Can asthmatics use inhalers without breaking their fasts?

These are some of the queries the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) has received from members of the public. So, it is releasing a series of e-books to answer questions about the Muslim fasting month.

Called the PuasaPedia, the publications will also touch on women's issues and interfaith relations.

The first edition, released on Wednesday (June 8), deals with the use of hygiene products and medication during Ramadan.

Subsequent editions will beissued every Wednesday over the course of four weeks this month (June 2016). The e-books are a more comprehensive version of a well-received series of posts on the Muis Facebook page during Ramadan in 2015.

"This e-publication is part of the wider and ongoing initiative of the Office of the Mufti that intends to provide our Singaporean Muslim community with religious guidance, relevant to their daily needs and well suited to the context of a plural society," said Ustaz Irwan Hadi Mohamed Shuhaimy, assistant director in the office of the Mufti.

Muis announced the launch of PuasaPedia on their Facebook and Instagram accounts on Wednesday (June 8) evening.

Ustaz Irwan, who is also on the advisory board for the publications together with Mufti Dr Mohamed Fatris Bakaram and others, said that he hoped that such "bite-sized" religious guidance would help root Muslims here in Islamic tradition and practice while being adapted to Singapore's secular society.

The e-books can be downloaded from