MP Sylvia Lim thanks paramedics after father's heart attack

SINGAPORE - Opposition politician Sylvia Lim has shared that her father suffered a heart attack earlier this month.

The Workers' Party MP wrote on Facebook that at the time of the incident "his heart activity registered a flat line".

He is now recovering at home after spending a week in hospital.

"The paramedics arrived within minutes in a Red Rhino and then an ambulance. They immediately launched into defibrillation, managed to revive my father and stabilise his condition, before sending him to the nearest acute facility, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital," she wrote on Sunday (Nov 22) afternoon.

In her social media post, she thanked the paramedics, and said that many owed their lives to their intervention.

"When I asked my father how he felt being home again, he simply said: 'Life goes on.' That phrase has now taken on a profound significance..." she added.

Ms Lim's father, Mr Lim Choon Mong, 78, had suffered two strokes in 2010.