Move to allow cyclists on footpaths draws mixed reactions

SINGAPORE - Bicycles may soon be allowed on footpaths, and some Singaporeans say they welcome the move, if cyclists stay within the speed limit.

"If footpaths are wide enough, and the cyclists are careful, I think it's perfectly alright," said Mr Daniel Gay, 49, real estate agent.

The Land Transport Authority's Active Mobility Advisory Panel has recommended that bicycles be allowed on all footpaths.

All personal mobility devices such as electric scooters, hoverboards and unicycles should also be allowed, but with a speed limit of 15km/h.

Electric bicycles should still be banned.

Retiree Keven Goh, 65, who made the switch from a car to a bicycle last year, supports the change.

"We should be able to use the footpath otherwise we don’t know where to go. Roads are quite dangerous. As long as we're careful and give way to pedestrians."

However, others have expressed concern.

"Most ladies, I’m speaking for myself, I don’t look. And when you walk around a corner and suddenly a cyclist comes around. It can be pretty dangerous," said Ms Catheryn Lim, 62, real estate agent.

Some have called for separate bicycle lanes to prevent accidents.

"It’s not the same. If we share, we’re likely to hit the pedestrians too. It’s better to split the paths," said Mr Tan Soon Lin, 54, a drinks stall assistant at a coffee shop.

The Transport Ministry said it will study the panel's recommendations and issue a response in due course.