Motorcyclist seeks witnesses after dispute with car that ran into him twice in same night

Mr Zayd Sofian's motorcycle (left) and the white car, after the initial accident.
Mr Zayd Sofian's motorcycle (left) and the white car, after the initial accident. PHOTO: ZAYD SOFIAN

SINGAPORE - The same car not only knocked into a man and his wife twice in the same day, but the second time it did so, the driver drove towards the man on purpose, the victim has claimed.

Mr Zayd Sofian , a 28-year-old manager, is now appealing for witnesses to the two incidents, which happened at Kallang Road and at Tan TockSeng Hospital on Friday (Feb 26) night.

Mr Zayd wrote a lengthy account of the accidents on Facebook on Monday morning.

He and his wife were on his motorcycle when a white car collided into them along Kallang Road at around 11.15pm, he wrote.

"A taxi even swerved, missed it, stopped to help us and warned the driver because he was not only driving recklessly but also wasn't even wearing his seatbelt!" he wrote.

When contacted, Mr Zayd told The Straits Times that he hopes the taxi driver and other witnesses will come forward.

At the time, the car driver, who said his name was Richard, told the taxi driver not to interfere, Mr Zayd said.

They did not call the police as Richard said he wanted to "settle it" privately, Mr Zayd said. Richard also appeared soliticious at first, and he accompanied them to the hospital.

Mr Zayd had hit his abdomen on his bike tank, and was in pain but rode his bike to the hospital himself.

Doctors later told him he had internal injuries although no bones were broken. He has an infection in his groin area, blood in his urine and a lower spine injury, he said.

He also injured his knee from the second accident at the hospital, he said.

That happened as he and his wife attempted to stop Richard from driving away from the hospital carpark.

At the hospital, Mr Zayd's wife, Roszian, called the police to report the incident.

While she was on the phone, she realised that Richard had got into his car. Mr Zayd was in another part of the carpark examining his motorcycle.

Ms Roszian, 30, tried to stop Richard's car by standing in its path.

The car driver accelerated towards her even though she was barely a metre away from the car, she said, and she had to scramble to get out of its way.

She then shouted to her husband.

As Richard got near the carpark gantry, Mr Zayd tried to block the carpark gantry's sensor by standing between the car and the gantry.

His knee was touching the car, but the driver inched forward and knocked him down, he said.

Ms Roszian, who is in medical research, said at this point, the commotion had caught the attention of the paramedics and two police officers nearby, who came running.

The police officers asked Mr Zayd and Ms Roszian to step away from the car, and asked Richard to drive his car to the side.

Instead of following the police officers' instructions, Richard sped away, she said.

Ms Roszian is not injured, but she said she has not been able to sleep since the accident.

The Straits Times attempted to reach Richard at a mobile number that was provided in Mr Zayn's Facebook post.

When contacted, Richard denied Mr Zayd's account and claimed that the police would not have let him "escape" if he had tried to run Mr Zayn down.

He told The Straits Times that he could not speak at the time as he was busy filing a police report himself. Richard did not answer three subsequent calls from The Straits Times.

Police said it received a call requesting for assistance at Tan Tock Seng Hospital at 11.12pm on Friday.

They established that a dispute had occurred at the location arising from an accident that had earlier occurred along Kallang Road towards Sims Ave on the same day.

Police investigations are ongoing.