Motorcyclist almost run over by lorry after he breaks its mirror with high kick

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A motorcyclist wearing a Deliveroo T-shirt is seen apparently trying to mediate between the parties.

SINGAPORE - Yet another road rage incident involving a lorry and a two-wheeled vehicle has occurred, less than two weeks after a lorry driver and a cyclist in an altercation in Pasir Ris were arrested.

This time, the incident involved a lorry driver and a motorcyclist, and took place along East Coast Road on Monday afternoon (Dec 31).

Footage of the incident was uploaded on Facebook site The video, taken from the dashcam of a car that was passing by, shows the lorry stationary by the side of the road at 1.39pm.

The lorry's driver-side door is open and a motorcyclist in black is seen approaching the driver's seat before slamming the door shut.

A second motorcyclist, wearing what appears to be a Deliveroo T-shirt, approaches the lorry, apparently attempting to calm the situation down.

As the car passes the scene, two motorcycles can be seen in front of the lorry. One has a Foodpanda delivery bag attached to it.

The video then switches to footage from the car's rear camera just in time to show the first motorcyclist kicking the lorry's side mirror, breaking it.

However, both motorcyclists are forced to run immediately afterwards as the lorry suddenly accelerates towards them. Though both riders escape, a screech can be heard as the lorry swerves in the direction of the first motorcyclist, who narrowly avoids getting hit.

It then knocks over one of the motorcycles before coming to a halt.

There were no immediate responses from the police and Foodpanda.

On Thursday, a spokesman for Deliveroo said the company was aware of the incident.

"We require all riders to abide by the local rules and regulations," said the spokesman, adding that the safety of riders and other road users is a top priority for Deliveroo.

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