Mother's Day 2018: PM Lee, SMRT, SCDF among those who share heartfelt tributes online

PM Lee Hsien Loong paid tribute to mothers in a post on his Facebook page on Mother's Day, calling them crucial role models in their children's lives. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/LEE HSIEN LOONG

SINGAPORE - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday (May 13) paid tribute to all mothers and mothers-to-be on their special day and described them as crucial role models in their children's lives.

In a Facebook post on Mother's Day, PM Lee said that most mothers serve as primary caregivers to their children and family.

At the same time, they also provide financial and emotional support to their loved ones.

"But as one of the crucial role models in their children's lives, mothers also shape the future by raising children with the right values, who will grow up to be good people," he added.

"On this special day (or any day), let's pay tribute to all mothers and celebrate their huge contribution to our lives!"

PM Lee led the outpouring of heartfelt tributes from Singaporeans on social media on Sunday.

Besides tributes from ministers, organisations such as the Singapore Civil Defence Force and Tower Transit also joined in.

The Straits Times highlights some of the interesting ones.

Khaw Boon Wan

Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan honoured his late mother in a Facebook post, where he described mothers as "our biggest source of strength".

He said that his mother had died many years ago, a few years after his father.

But he and his siblings have remained close-knit and often shared memories of their parents at family gatherings.

"At 66, there are now many more mothers in my family, besides my wife and my mother-in-law," he said. "Two of three daughters are now mothers."

He said they are all selfless and generous with the family, who is blessed to have them.

Josephine Teo

Manpower Minister Josephine Teo thanked her mother-in-law, Madam Lim Kim Suan, 85, in a Facebook post.

Madam Lim, whom she addresses as Mummy, has always been frugal and conscientious, she said.

Mrs Teo shared a few of the sacrifices her mother-in-law had made over the years, including how she had made many of the clothes her children wore, including comfortable cotton pyjamas.

"As Ah Pa was the sole breadwinner, Mummy made the best of the family's meagre resources to prepare wholesome meals," she wrote.

Madam Lim also lived with her family for a few years to help care for Mrs Teo's children when they were very young.

"In those years, she gave up seeing her own network of friends and did not have much time for her taichi. I'm very grateful for her sacrifice which made it possible for me to return to work."


SMRT senior assistant station manager Majida Beegum Mohamed Khan received a Mother's Day surprise from her daughter, Shaminah, in a heartwarming video that was shared on SMRT's Facebook page on Saturday.

Madam Majida is a familiar face for many commuters who pass by Raffles Place MRT station, while Ms Shaminah is now working in SMRT's service quality team.

In the video, Ms Shaminah creates a pastel-coloured painting of flowers, which she later presents to her mother.

"This is the best Mother's Day," Madam Majida is heard saying, as she wipes tears off her face.

Tower Transit

Bus operator Tower Transit said Happy Mother's Day with a colourful illustration of mothers as superheroes on their Facebook page.

"Guess what else is a full-time job? Motherhood," the post said.

"Here's us wishing a Happy Mother's Day to all of you hardworking, selfless and inspiring moms out there!"

Singapore Police Force

The Singapore Police Force shared photos of female Community Policing Unit and Ground Response Force officers as a nod to the important roles mothers play in society.

"Ground Response Force officers are always ready to protect the community, just like how a mother is always ready to protect her children," one of the Facebook posts said.

Singapore Civil Defence Force

What is a job that requires plenty of sacrifices, putting others before yourselves, and attending to calls for help in the middle of the night?

While this may sound similar to a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officer's role, mothers play this role every day.

SCDF shared this message in a touching video dedication to all mothers on their Facebook page.

"This message is dedicated to the first hero in our lives. The very special lady that touches our hearts. Our mother," the post said.

"Thank you for all your advice and sacrifices."

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