Morning Minutes: What will make headlines, June 20, 2016

Local and overseas experts are gathering today (June 20) to share approaches on early childhood education. ST PHOTO: SEAH KWANG PENG

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Experts to share approaches on early childhood education

Local and overseas experts are gathering here today (June 20) to share approaches on early childhood education, with the aim of raising the quality of care and education for young children in Singapore.

The two-day Early Childhood Education Conference is organised by SIM University, with the theme "Born to Play and Learn". - KOK XING HUI

Malaysia to host meeting on MH370

A part of the aircraft engine cowling from missing Malaysia Airline flight MH370, stencilled with the Rolls-Royce logo and which was found at Mossel Bay, South Africa. PHOTO: AFP

Malaysia will host a two-day meeting with Australia and China beginning today (June 20) to discuss next steps in the fruitless search for missing flight MH370. The three countries have said previously they will call off the Australian-led hunt for the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 if nothing is found in a designated search area in the remote Indian Ocean. So far 105,000 sq km of the 120,000-sq-km seafloor search zone has been covered without success. The jet disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers and crew on board in March 2014, and is presumed to have crashed into the sea far off Western Australia's coast.

Several pieces of debris have been found thousands of kilometres from the suspected crash area but they have so far shed no light on what caused the disaster.

All eyes on central bankers' speeches

US Federal Reserve governor Neel Kashkari (left) and Bank of Japan chief Haruhiko Kuroda are expected to deliver speeches today (June 20). PHOTOS: AFP, REUTERS

Two prominent central bankers are expected to speak today (June 20), setting the tone on what is likely to be a tumultuous week ahead for the financial markets. Bank of Japan's chief Haruhiko Kuroda and US Federal Reserve governor Neel Kashkari will be delivering speeches, which analysts are expecting to be focused on the British referendum over the issue of whether to stay in or leave the European Union.

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