About 20 passers-by help move fallen tree branch obstructing Ganges Avenue

Passers-by help move fallen tree along Ganges Avenue.VIDEO: ST READER
Passers-by helping to remove the fallen tree branch on Ganges Avenue.
Passers-by helping to remove the fallen tree branch on Ganges Avenue. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/PACIFYRR LOH SH

SINGAPORE - Some 20 passers-by banded together to help move a fallen tree branch that was obstructing a road on Saturday (April 28) evening.

The large branch fell and landed across Ganges Avenue towards Indus Road at around 8pm, senior logistics officer Muhamad Hairi Ismail told The Straits Times. It blocked all three lanes on the road.

Mr Hairi, 42, who lives nearby, said he heard a loud noise and thought it was fireworks.

"But when I looked outside the window it was a big branch that had dropped and blocked the road," he added.

According to Mr Hairi, there were no cars on the road when the branch fell.

About 15 to 20 people, including drivers, passengers, pedestrians and Mr Hairi himself gathered to help with the clear-up effort.

At the same time, two people helped to control the traffic while the effort was ongoing.

It took no longer than 10 minutes for them to clear the road to let the cars pass, he added.

About half an hour later, traffic police officers arrived at the scene and contractors from NParks helped to cut up and remove the huge branch, said Mr Hairi.

The Land Transport Authority tweeted about the incident at 8.18pm, warning motorists of an obstacle on Ganges Avenue.

The Straits Times has contacted NParks for more information.