Employers reminded to schedule migrant workers for routine testing: MOM

An April 2020 photo shows a migrant worker undergoing a nasal swab test at a domitory in Singapore.
An April 2020 photo shows a migrant worker undergoing a nasal swab test at a domitory in Singapore.PHOTO: AFP

SINGAPORE - Around 15,000 employers - or 78 per cent - have logged into the swab registration system since it was launched on Aug 1 to schedule their workers for Rostered Routine Testing (RRT).

However, there are still 118,000 workers who need to undergo RRT and have not yet been scheduled, said the Ministry of Manpower on Tuesday (Aug 18) in a joint statement with the Building and Construction Authority, Economic Development Board and Health Promotion Board.

The authorities said on Tuesday that the RRT - conducted every 14 days - is for migrant workers living in dormitories, those working on construction or production sites, and those in the construction, marine and process sectors.

MOM urged employers who have not scheduled their workers, especially those who stay at recently cleared dormitories to do so quickly.

It is planning to update an access code system for workers, such that those who are required to undergo RRT but fail to do so will have a Red AccessCode.

Once workers have been scheduled for their first RRT, they will be automatically assigned new dates for future swabs.

The ministry also advised employers to schedule appointment slots for their workers early so that they can secure a testing date at their preferred location.

Employers should log into the swab registration system regularly to check if there are new workers whom they need to schedule appointments for, it said. The ministry will add new workers to the system after their dormitories are cleared of the coronavirus.