Mobile app to save time for those depositing cash on auspicious 'Li Chun' day

The queue outside a POSB bank during Li Chun on Feb 4, 2015.
The queue outside a POSB bank during Li Chun on Feb 4, 2015.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - Want to make a cash deposit on Li Chun, which falls on Feb 4 this year, but have no time to queue?

In a press release on Friday (Jan 29), DBS bank urged its customers to use its DBS PayLah! mobile app to make deposits on Thursday rather than have to bank in the money at bank counters or cash deposit machines.

The bank said those who do so using the mobile app will stand a chance to win $88 in cash credit in a lucky draw. There will be 100 winners for the draw. For more details, visit

Last year, long queues were seen at cash deposit machines across the island on Feb 4, 10 days before the first day of the Year of the Goat.


Li Chun, also known as Farmers' Day, marks the beginning of spring. In the past, it was particularly significant for farmers looking for a bountiful harvest in the new year.

Some believe that depending on which Chinese zodiac sign you were born under, there are certain auspicious time periods to deposit money on Li Chun.

A table giving the "auspicious times" for people to deposit money on Li Chun, the start of spring. PHOTO: 65DAIGOU/FACEBOOK

Customers can also send electronic hongbao with DBS PayLah!, an app that was introduced in May 2014.

"Users who have loved ones working or travelling this festive season can send them an 'eAng Bao'," DBS said.

They can also personalise the hongbao with photos, stickers and personal messages.