Firms to issue itemised payslips from April 1 as changes to Employment Act kick in

Itemised payslips must be issued by firms to employees from April 1 onwards.
Itemised payslips must be issued by firms to employees from April 1 onwards.ST PHOTO: JAMIE KOH

SINGAPORE - Firms will have to issue itemised payslips to employees from Friday (April 1) onwards, as changes to the Employment Act kick in.

They will also need to provide key employment terms, such as working arrangements, main duties and fixed salary deductions, in writing.

Payslips, which can be in hard or soft copy format, must detail items such as a worker's basic salary, deductions and overtime hours worked.

These were among amendments to Singapore's main labour law which were passed last year, with the aim of preventing misunderstandings and minimising disputes between bosses and workers.

Employers who do not follow the new rules can be fined. But the Manpower Ministry (MOM) reiterated in a press release on Thursday (March 31) that it will adopt a light-touch enforcement approach for the first year, and will focus on educating employers about the changes.

An assistance package comprising templates of payslips and key employment terms, software for generating itemised payslips, funding and consultations for small- and medium-sized enterprises is available for companies. Details can be found on the MOM website.