Man with recorder fights man wielding potted plant in Hougang, plays instrument when police arrive

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The man who was holding the recorder was later shown surrounded by police officers. PHOTO: LUCAS OH

SINGAPORE - A bizarre brawl took place around 2am on Monday (April 29) between two men along Hougang Avenue 9, near Ci Yuan Community Club.

Student Lucas Oh, 18, who was eating at a nearby coffee shop at the time, filmed the incident and posted it in a series of clips on his Instagram account.

In one clip, a man can be seen swinging a recorder at another man, who retaliates by swinging a tall potted plant back at him as bystanders look on.

Both of them appear to miss, and continue briefly before shouting at each other.

In another clip, taken afterwards, the man with the recorder can be seen standing by the side and playing it - slightly off-key - as police approach him.

Mr Oh later posted a photo of the man sitting on the ground with his hands behind his back, surrounded by police.

A police officer appears to have confiscated the recorder.

In response to queries, the police said that they were alerted to a case of voluntarily causing hurt at Block 930 Hougang Street 91 at 1.40am.

"The parties involved were advised on their legal recourse," the police spokesman said.

Mr Oh told The Straits Times that the incident began after a staring incident between the man with the recorder and the second man, who was with a group of friends at the time.

Both parties began shouting at each other but, according to Mr Oh, they appeared to not understand each other as they were speaking different languages.

Mr Oh said that the man with the recorder then pushed the second man towards a potted plant.

The latter then grabbed the plant and brandished it, and the two began fighting.

Mr Oh said he did not know why the man with the recorder began playing it when the police arrived, but noted that he appeared to be drunk.

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