Man whose hand was stuck in toilet drainage trap will foot bill for repairs

SINGAPORE- The man whose arm was stuck in his toilet drainage trap on Sunday will be footing the bill for repairs to a hole in his neighbour's ceiling - created while freeing his arm.

Repairs will be done on Wednesday, said his wife, who declined to be named. She added that the cost has not been worked out yet.

Mr Kalpesh Panchal, 34, an engineer who lives in the unit directly below the man, said the issue was settled amicably.

The incident took place in a Housing Board flat along Jurong West Street 52 on Sunday afternoon. Mr Poh Chee Keat's right hand had been stuck in the drainage trap when he tried to retrieve a ring that fell while he was showering.

Singapore Civil Defence Force officers arrived at 6pm and took four hours to release his hand. To do so, they had to cut the ceiling of the unit directly below it.

The victim, a businessman in his 50s, had his right arm in a cast on Monday night. His wife said he is recovering well.

"Our neighbour has been very understanding throughout the episode and we are thankful," she added.

Mr Kalpesh said he is just glad that his neighbour is well and hopes the issue will be settled quickly.

"I have been using another toilet for now but otherwise it is not that much of an inconvenience," he said.

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